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Deck Restoration


Nothing adds more immediate appeal than the restoring of your deck or patio back to pristine condition!

Chagrin Home Improvements specializes in repairing, cleaning, staining, and painting decks.

Loose Boards? Splinters? Dirt? Grime? Broken Railing? We can fix it all!

Take that tired deck or patio and let us bring it back to life!


We have skilled carpenters that can do everything from replace a loose board or railing to build a deck from scratch. If something is wrong we can fix it! Don't go another summer neglecting the the most used facet of the exterior of your home. 

Cleaning and Washing

This may be the most underestimated task in deck restoration. People see professionals wash a deck and think, “I could do that." In reality it is a very dangerous procedure and if done incorrectly it can severely damage  your deck or patio. Call Chagrin Home Improvements and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Stain / Paint

Staining a deck can be very tricky. If not done properly it can appear blotchy or too thick. Making sure that the stain compliments the house and its surroundings is essential to the final results of deck restoration. Our crew has had many years of experience with staining decks so leave it to the pros and contact us for a free estimate today!

Waterproofing / Sealing

The most important thing you can do for a newly restored or newly built deck is to make sure that it is sealed and waterproofed. By ensuring that water will be kept from soaking into the wood you will prolong the beauty and life of your deck. 

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