Concrete Coatings


If you've reached the point where you are tired of looking at the disgusting concrete floor in your garage, basement, or workshop, then you have come to the right place! Concrete surfaces are actually porous and it is this porosity which makes them vulnerable to the elements, stains, and microorganisms. The best way to protect and beautify these surfaces is to professionally apply one of our state-of-the-art coating systems. 

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Grind & HEPA Vac

The concrete surface will first be prepped by grinding the surface. This will remove any existing coatings and finishes in order to allow the new materials to penetrate and build the greatest bond possible with the substrate. Our HEPA dust collection system will ensure a cleanly working environment for the crew and customer. 

Polyurea Crack Filler Photo Chagrin Home
Fill Cracks & Repair

Once we have created an idea profile on the surface of the concrete we will then fill all of the cracks, gaps, and joints with a rapid curing polyurea compound. This will quickly harden and further promote the strongest possible bond between the topcoats and the substrate. 

Polyaspartic layers photo epoxy Chagrin
Coating System 

Once the substrate has been properly prepared we can begin to apply our coatings. As you will see from the image above, this involves several layers which will all work together to give us optimal bond, durability, and appearance. Color, chip size, and glossiness can all be customized giving the customer an unlimited number of options. 

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Final Product

The best part of our job is the final reveal. When a customer comes out to look at their new garage, basement, or workshop floor their faces just light up with astonishment! It's this beauty combined with the industrial durability that makes us proud to install these systems for customers.