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Kitchen Revitalization - Cabinet Painting


There is always one guaranteed way to increase the value of your home – improve your kitchen. Unfortunately, when the average price of a kitchen remodel can cost a homeowner somewhere between $25,000 - $40,000, that’s easier said than done. But... what if there was an easier way? 


Instead of demolishing your kitchen and spending a fortune, Chagrin Home Improvements can completely change the look of your most-used living space in about 5 days with their Kitchen Revitalization Services. Instead of tearing everything out, they use what is currently in place and completely revitalize it. After applying a new, durable, professional-grade finish to all the kitchen cabinets, replacing the hardware, and painting the walls and ceiling, you will feel as if you have just completed a brand-new kitchen remodel - for a fraction of the cost!

Mimi September Cabinet Painting Hardware Removal Chagrin Home Improvements.jpg
Remove Doors & Drawers 

In order to provide the most professional finish possible, all the cabinet doors and drawers must carefully be removed. During this process, all of the hinges and hardware a itemized and cataloged to ensure that everything is returned exactly where it should go. 

September Cabinet Painting Sanding Chagrin Home Improvements.jpg
Sanding & Deep Clean

Kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse over the years, so it is vital to ensure the coatings that will be applied have an optimal bond to the cabinet surfaces. By completing a detailed sanding procedure the cabinets are thoroughly cleaned to ensure the wood is ready to accept the primer.

September Cabinet Painting Spraying Chagrin Home Improvements.jpg
Primer & Paint Application

Once sanded and deep cleaned, the cabinet doors and drawers are primed and painted with the newest spray equipment at our high-tech facility. This ensures your cabinets will have a flawless finish before the team completes the reassembly process. 

Reassembly and Finishing Touches

Once all the doors, drawers, and boxes have been properly prepped, primed, painted - and everything has cured - all of the components are carefully reassembled. Our team will ensure everything goes back exactly as it should and functions perfectly. 

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