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Power Washing


If you want to add instant curb appeal and exterior beauty to your home, look no further!


Power washing can be a dangerous and damaging procedure when attempted by the untrained individual. Pressurized water can gouge wood, scar concrete, and destroy siding, all of which pale in compare to the risk of personal physical injury.


The expert power washing crew at Chagrin Home Improvements is ready to handle any and all of your exterior cleaning needs. Our employees are trained and have the experience necessary to remove decades' worth of unsightly stains from almost any surface!


Premium House Wash

Our House Wash and Roof Treatment services are preformed with our soft scrub system in order to minimize the use of pressure. This prevents the possibility of water intrusion and damage to the structure of your home. When combined with our top of the line cleaning solutions our process is second to none! 

Driveway, Walkway, Patio

If you want to preserve your beautiful patios and driveways then it is important to seal these surfaces. When water is allowed to get into these surfaces it slowly erodes and deteriorates the substrate. Additionally micro-organisms can more easily thrive when a surface is not sealed causing stains to appear. Protect your investments by sealing your driveways, patios, and walkways today!

Concrete Washing

Concrete is a porous material which makes it an ideal habitat for micro-organisms like mold, mildew, algae and fungus. Chagrin Home Improvements’ top of the line equipment is designed to deep clean these surfaces and breathe new life into your driveway or sidewalks.


Chagrin Home Improvements will properly wash your paver walkway or patio preventing complete sand or aggregate washout. This is a costly mistake that many contractors and homeowners make. Our crew is trained to ensure the majority of the aggregate stays where it should. 

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